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Category Name Description File Type
Miss Ellen Shields's Family Records - Category 1 A record of several Natchez families, especially Shields, Surget, Benoist, Dunbar (Wm), Dunbar (Rbt) written by Miss Ellen Shields (1841 – 1924). Several Shields family descendants have contributed information which has been incorporated into the original text. This document consists of many separate files. MS Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF
Miss Ellen Shields' Family Records (expanded)  category 1a - contents Description of the contents of each separate file.  It is helpful to download and print the contents before selecting any of the actual files within the Family Record for review or download. MS Word
Miss Ellen Shields's Original Family Record - Category 2 This is the original version of Miss Ellen’s handwritten family records (transcribed). Factual corrections are provided in brackets. MS Word
Miss Ellen Shields's Diary - Category 3 Miss Ellen’s diary covering the years 1862-1874 with a few sporadic entries from 1876-1879. Several Shields descendants have provided information to identify individuals mentioned in the diary. MS Word
Colonial Dames; Louisiana and Mississippi Portraits - Category 4 Portraits and photographs of some members of prominent Natchez area families. MS Word 
Memoirs - Category 5 Alice (Jean) Benoist Loyd Manasco’s memoirs; family pictures; wedding invitation of Victoire Benoist Shields and Theodore Hudson Vaughan MS Word
Photos of Shields Descendants - Category 6 Photos of those who attended the Shields Gathering in Natchez in Feb 2006 MS Word
Descendant Charts - Category 7 Charts of the descendants of the families listed on the Home Page from Family Tree Maker software. Also charts for earlier ancestors of some of those families. FTM files on CD are available by request. Adobe Acrobat PDF
Memorial Volume (In commemoration of Jenkins Ancestors) - Category 8 An account of the Jenkins / Dunbar family who lived at "Elgin" before the Civil War. It was written by William Dunbar Jenkins whose parents, Annis Field Dunbar and Dr. John Carmichael Jenkins, both died at "Elgin" of the Yellow Fever epidemic in 1855. The original volume is in the possession of Richard Stockton (Dick) Snedeker of West Windsor, New Jersey. Dick also graciously provided this copy for the Web site. Annis and John C. Jenkins were his great-grandparents. Adobe Acrobat PDF
Jenkins / Dunbar Information - Category 9 This document consists of two volumes:  Volume I recounts life at "Elgin", as narrated by old letters, papers and family records.  Volume II is the records of the Jenkins family, descendantes of David Jenkin of Wales.  Both volumes were compiled by William Dunbar Jenkins.  This copy was provided by his grandson, Richard (Dick) Snedeker of West Windsor, New Jersey. Adobe Acrobat PDF
Mary Beltzhoover "Dacy" Jenkins' Journal - Category 10 A charming journal kept by Dacy Jenkins (1878-1953) when she was a child, for the years 1888-1892.  This copy was provided by her nephew, Richard (Dick) Snedeker of West Windsor, New Jersey. MS Word
Bisland & Shields Sugar Operation - Category 11 The Bislands of Natchez: Sugar, Secession, and Strategies for Survival  by Thomas A.H. Scarborough (with the author's permission).  This article appeared in the Journal of Mississippi History, vol. Post - 1927, pp. 23-62.  The copy used for this version was furnished by Bayard and Bill Tynes of Birmingham, Alabama. Acrobat PDF
Plantation Life - Category 12 A wonderful memoir by Evy Shields of life on Morven Plantation shortly after the Civil War (with permission of her descendants) Acrobat PDF
Adams County Wills - Category 13 Abstracts from Will Books in the Chancery Clerk Office - Adams County Courthouse - Natchez, Mississippi, January 1999.  Some of the families mentioned:  Girault, Postlethwaite, Dunbar, Dunlap, Marshall, Shields, Winchester, Hunt, Greene, Jenkins, Murray, Payne, Geddes, Stone, Nobles, Slatter. MS Word
"Elms Court" Portraits - Category 14 Comprehensive collection of portraits of many of the Surget family (and related families)which hang at "Elms Court".  The portraits were photographed by Debra Robinson in October 2007.  The portraits are divided into four separate files due to file size considerations.  MS Word
“Montebello” Shields family monuments at the Natchez City Cemetery - Category 15 Photos of all the monuments of those interred in the “Montebello” Shields family plot at the Natchez City Cemetery. Photographed by Debra Robinson in October 2007 MS Word
Lagniappe - Category 16 As we collect odds and ends, such as photos, obits, interesting sketches about our ancestors, we will save them to “Lagniappe” files – each dated to correspond with the date added to the site. Separate files are necessary because of MS Word filesize limitations. MS Word
Gabriel Benoist of Nantes - Category 17 A professional French genealogist researched the genealogy of Gabriel Benoist, about whom we know nothing, heretofore. This is a very complete work and includes his will and a listing of his estate. Provided by Joanne Manasco and family Acrobat PDF
Anneke Jans-Kierstede-Bayard Families - Category 18 Two files: A monumental and scholarly work by Julia Mills documenting the genealogy of Anneke Jans and the Bayard family. Originally prepared to assist William Bogardus with his first volume: Descendants of Anneke Jans Bogardus (1605-1663); Additional information about the Kierstede and Bayard descendants of Anneke Jans Acrobat PDF
Anneke Jans Descendant Chart - Category 18a Descendant chart for Anneke Jans through the 9th generation Acrobat PDF
Restoration of Dunbar Cemetery - Category 19 A pictorial chronology of the McGehee family’s restoration of the Dunbar (Rbt) Family Cemetery at the site of “Oakley Grove”. Betty McGehee is the author. MS Word
Hunt Family - Category 20 David Hunt Family of Jefferson County, MS
Consists of 10 files: 
File 1: Research paper on David Hunt and family – with sources.
Files 2 – 4: Same as above but with scanned photos and documents, etc.
David Hunt's Letters
David Hunt's Will
David Hunt's Estate Papers
David Hunt: Guardian for Eliza Calvit
Hunt Family Photos
MS Word
Robert Dunbar Papers - Category 21 Robert Dunbar's will and other estate papers from the collection of Betty McGehee Acrobat PDF
Joseph Dunbar Papers - Category 22 Olivia Magruder and Joseph Dunbar's wills and other estate papers from the collection of Betty McGehee  MS Word
Francis Surget Will - Category 23 Transcription of the Will and Estate of Francis Surget from the collection of Kathie Blankenstein  MS Word
Charles Woodruff Shields - Category 24 A paper intended to emphasize there is no documentation to support information on the internet that Charles W. Shields is a descendant of Martha and William Shields. MS Word
Girault Family Papers - Category 25 Genealogical and historic information about the Girault family- descendants of Robert Dunbar through his granddaughter Jane Dunbar, daughter of James Dunbar. From the collection of Betty McGehee Acrobat PDF / JPGs / MS Word
Cherry Grove - Category 26 List of those interred at the Cherry Grove cemetery. Pictures of some of the monuments as well as the house. Consists of 4 separate files due to MS Word filesize limitations MS Word
Hunt Plantations - 27 Eight-page article on David Hunt; Three maps showing the locations of David Hunt’s plantations; Paper by Andy McMillion on the Hunt Family plantations MS Word / JPG Images
Balfour - 28 Various documents and pictures regarding the Balfour family. Acrobat PDF / MS Word
Dunbarton Cemetery - 29 A narrative introduction and 6 separate files of photos of the Dunbarton Cemetery (photographed summer 2008 by Catherine Taunton). This is the family burial ground of the Martha Willis and William Dunbar family. MS Word
James Payne - 30 A sketch of James Payne, including several pictures, compiled by Charles Dawkins. Five separate files with images of the ledger book from James Payne’s store at Payne’s Landing, covering the period December 19,1829-May 24, 1839. Acrobat PDF / MS Word
Martha Willis "Patsy" Dunbar - 31 Copies of the paperwork related to Patsy’s claim against the USA after the Civil War. Patsy claimed to be a Union loyalist. Acrobat PDF
Lillian Baker Valentine Memoirs - 32 She was a descendant of the Wood, Payne and Baker families in Church Hill, MS Acrobat PDF
Laura Belle Hooks Memoirs - 33 She was a descendant of the Wood, Payne, and Shields families in Church Hill, MS Acrobat PDF
Dr. Joseph Dunbar Shields Memoirs - 34  He was a descendant of the Wood, Payne and Shields families in Church Hill, MS Acrobat PDF
Benoist Groesbeck Family - 35 Updated information on the Groesbeck family who lost contact with their Natchez relatives after Rosina Benoist married Mr. Groesbeck and moved away. MSWord / PDF
Isaac Dunbar Papers - 36 Documents related to the Isaac Dunbar family - from the collectio nof Betty McGehee MSWord / PDF
Percy Family - 37 A collection of several PDF images of the Percy family history.  Author is John Hereford Percy PDF
Souvenier de Famille - 38 A "poetic" reminiscence about the Sourget (Surget) family in France PDF
Eliza Magruder Diary Fragment - 39 Fragment of a Diary kept by Eliza Magruder (1803 - 1876) for the period of 01/1845 - 05/1846. MSWord
Stone Family History - 40 A published article with pictures about the Stone family of Natchez. MSWord
Surget Family Letters - 41 Collection of letters from the late 19th century, including identification of people mentioned and many family photos and historical notes.  Replaces the un-annotated PDF of the letters. MSWord
Walworth Family - 42 Information (provided by Jane Ward Faquin) on the Walworth family and photos of their family home "The Burn". MSWord
Website Financial Report - 43 Annual Reports of the Website Financial Status PDF
Arnaud-Adrien Sourget - 44 A magazine article, which is a tribute to Adrien Sourget, grandnephew of Pierre Surget (patriarch of the Surget family in the USA), for his contributions to the arts and to industry in Bordeaux, France - circa 1898-1901.  Generously provided by Pierre's 3-Great granddaughter, Adrienne Surget Nelson Heuer. MSWord 
Elizabeth Bisland & James Dunbar - 45 An account of Betty McGehee's successful quest to locate and preserve the grave of Elizabeth Bisland, includes numerous photos.  Also includes information on James Dunbar.  Elizabeth and James are Betty's 3-Great grandparents.  PDF 
Henderson Family of Natchez - 46 Three PDF files of a meticulously documented "book" on the history and genealogy of the Henderson family, who built "Magnolia Hall" in downtown Natchez. The author is Anna Maria Dahlquist, who is a Henderson descendant. A fourth file is a Word document with a picture and description of the house from Classic Natchez. The house is now home to an exhibit on the Henderson and Surget families as well as an extensive collection of Pilgrimage costumes. PDF, MS Word
Hermitage - 47 Two Files: 1) Archeological findings at the site of "The Hermitage" plantation, which is near the site of the original "Rokeby" plantation in Jefferson Co, Mississippi. 2) Copy of a lease MS Word
Rokeby Restoration - 48 14 Files describing the restoration of Rokeby cemetery by the McGehee family plus several documents providing background: 1) Introduction; 2) Historical information about Rokeby and about Victoire Benoist and William Bayard Shields who built Rokeby and had seven children; 3) List of Shields family members interred at Rokeby; 4) Ten separate PDF files of photos with captions depicting the chronological events involved in the restoration of the cemetery; 5) Original Power Point file prepared by Tom McGehee depicting the restoration (same as # 4 but accessible only to those who have MS Power Point software). MS Word, PDF, MS Power Point
Stanton-Gaither Families - 49 Seven files with information about the Stanton, Rawle and Gaither families: 1) Two unidentified photos of Gaither family members; 2) Letters regarding the Gaither/Stanton family; 3) A 1939 letter from Ethel Rawle Martin to her sister Cecil Rawle Postlethwaite; 4) Natchez Democrat article about Stanton/Gaither descendants returning original furniture to Stanton Hall in June 2009; 5) LR Marshall Estate, List of Devisees; 6) and 7) Gaither Family Photos MS Word, PDF
Annals of Newtown - 50 A history of the founding of Newtown, Long Island, New York (now part of Queens County) beginning in the 17th century. Many of the founding families are antecedents of some of the early families who settled in the Natchez District. PDF
Bisland Family - 51 Seven files: Contents of Bisland Folder, which lists all the files included in the folder; Bisland, John 4 Generations – Ella McCaleb Young’s genealogical record of the Bisland family for four generations from John Bisland; Excerpts from Betty McGehee’s recently published book on the Bisland family, including instructions how to order a copy; John Bisland Book, Files 1 & 2, which form the basis for the published Bisland book; sketch of Elizabeth Bisland Lambdin by Margaret Henderson Carpenter Hamlin; Bisland Lambdin Photos & Letter PDF, MS Word
Dunbar Papers, OBU - 52 Five files: Transcriptions of letters and scans of several documents regarding the family of William Dunbar of the Forest plantation. These papers were donated to the Ouachita Baptist University by a descendant of William Dunbar. Of special interest, a copy of William’s birth record, provided by Vanessa Wagstaff, is included. Also a transcription of his Estate distribution provided by Julia Mills. PDF, MSWord
J Surget Shields Family - 53 Two Files: 1) Photos and brief sketches of J. Surget Shields (son of Catharine Surget & Gabriel Benoist Shields), his wife Annie Hunt Balfour, and their descendants. 2) Detailed information about Katherine Hunt Surget Shields (daughter of J. Surget & Annie) provided by Betty McGehee. MSWord
Ross_Wade Family - 54 Five files with information about Captain Isaac Ross and his descendants. Includes several pictures. PDF, MSWord
Daybook of Annis Field Dunbar - 55 A copy of Annis Stockton Field Dunbar’s Daybook in which she copies poems she found interesting or touching. Most are about death. This file also includes background information and research notes by Dick Snedeker, who also provided the copy of the Daybook. The scanner consistently skipped pages 7, 25 and 34, so they are scanned separately PDF
Boyd_Forrester Family - 56 Nine files: List of Files in the Boyd_Forrester Category; 13 annotated and illustrated letters from Ysobel Boyd Forrester to Mary Susan Ker, provided by a Forrester descendant, Paula Roberts; four illustrated articles about the family by Paula Roberts; Family photos, Paquerette’s inquiry about feeding hedgehogs, Paquerette’s DAR information. MS Word
Elms Court Description-History - 57 Eight files providing a description of the Elms Court property (architecture and gardens), ownership history, family history, the Merrill family and photos. MS Word
Field Family - 58 Four files: List of Documents included in the category; Belle Daniel’s Diary describing the 1863 Yankee invasion of Jackson, MS; Letter from Belle to her son Richard S Field; Wedding announcement and obit for Richard S Field PDF
Dunbar, Rbt Family Wills - 59 Three separate files MS Word
Wood Family - 60 Three separate files MS Word
Civil War Stories - Natchez Houses - 61 Information about the Civil War as it relates to three Natchez Houses: Elms Court, The Burn, Oakland. Provided by Jeff Mansell of the National Park Service at Natchez. MS Word
Katharine Surget Minor Letters - 62 Eighteen files: Introduction and 17 letters written by Katharine Surget Minor after the Civil War. Transcriptions provided by Jeff Mansell of the National Park Service at Natchez. MS Word
Memoirs by Elizabeth Ogden Reed Anderson - 63 Two files: Introduction and Memoirs MS Word
Elizabeth Dunbar Murray Letters - 64 Four letters, written in the 1950s, from Lizzie Murray to her first cousin, once removed, Stannie Harris McKeithen. MS Word
Notes on Duncan Family - 65 Information about the “Unionist” family of Stephen Duncan. Provided by Jeff Mansell of the National Park Service at Natchez. MS Word
Patrick Devereux History, three generations - 66 Genealogy and history of the Devereux family provided by Julia Mills PDF
Robert Dunbar Family Tree - 67 Information about the Robert Dunbar Family Tree. To order a CD of the tree, contact MS Word


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